Sensible Investment. Life Changing Return.

True luxury is living in the moment

Since 2013 Lifestyle Asset Group has created exclusive real estate partnerships for families to affordably own luxurious vacation homes in exceptional destinations and cherish transcendent experiences together.

Our Founding Principles

Risk Mitigation - Offer sound investments where your capital is secured by the property paid for free and clear

Travel Opportunities - Satisfy your wanderlust through reciprocity to enjoy other LLC properties and by providing you with a membership to Elite Alliance, a private travel club with exclusive access to hundreds of luxury homes and resorts worldwide.

Superior Service - Provide services that ensure your travel and vacations are hassle-free with absolutely no maintenance or management burdens.

Reservation Fairness - Create a reservation process that is easy, flexible and ensures a high availability rate.

Exit Strategy - Answer the question, “How do I get my money back and when” with absolute clarity and no wild cards attached to matters outside your control.

Capital Gains - Offer a structure wherein you can have upside from your real estate investment and participation.

Changing second home ownership for the better

The Quandry

Why do the vast majority of owners use their vacation homes for just 8% of the year while paying 100% of the expenses? Because there have been no sensible alternatives for people looking to buy a vacation home in a beloved destination.

Fractional real estate developers commonly mark up the value of the underlying real estate by 50% or more, while the resale of a fractional interest is typically 35% to 40% of the original purchase price. Many listings simply never sell.

The Solution

Lifestyle Asset Group has developed a game-changing solution, a partnership model that provides each owner with approximately 6-8 weeks of annual use — the average for vacation homeowners — while offering a transparent and genuine investment opportunity.

An LLC is formed to purchase a single remarkable vacation home. The home is put under contract and a limited number of LLC memberships are offered. Upon closing, the investors own the vacation home free and clear.

The LAG partnership model is a securities offering under Regulation D of the Securities Act and more specifically, under Rule 506c.

The Lifestyle Asset Group Difference

No Price Markup

Contrary to other shared ownership programs, shareholder’s LLC capital contributions are determined by the actual cost of the residences without traditional fractional real estate developer markups. This means your acquisition costs are substantially lower, thus providing for greater potential for appreciation in the value of your LLC interest over the 7-year term.

Cost Commensurate with Use

The typical second home owner only uses the property for around 30 nights a year yet pays 100% of the operating and maintenance costs. Lifestyle Asset Group has developed a game-changing solution, called “My Vacation Home LLC” where you enjoy anywhere from 14 - 56 nights of use each year but only pay your share of the costs.

This shared ownership model is offered as a securities offering under Regulation D of the Securities Act and more specifically, under Rule 506c.


LLC owners receive financial statements and so you know where every penny of your annual fees is being allocated. Owners have an elected managing member who sits on the board of advisors, providing performance feedback to the team at Lifestyle Asset Group.

Proven Management Team

Created and founded by three executives with over twenty years of experience in the luxury real estate and travel industry, Lifestyle Asset Group was established to create an innovative and sustainable collective home ownership model that improves upon the restrictions and weakness of the fractional and private residence club industries, while simultaneously aligning the interests of the shareholders and management team.

Our Track Record

A Replicable Model

Lifestyle Asset Group has multiple vacation homes currently being offered under our limited real estate partnership model. Together with the three additional luxury properties managed under a multiple destination asset model called Lifestyle One LLC, these destinations and carefully selected vacation homes represent the best in location, luxury amenities, dedication to five-star service, and potential return on investment.

Lifestyle Asset Group currently has 85 shareholders and more than $70 million in assets currently being promoted.

Fully Subscribed:

Location Home Value
Seabrook Island, SC $1,100,000
St John, USVI $1,800,000
New York City, NY $2,000,000
Watercolor, FL $2,725,000
Watercolor 2, FL $3,000,000
Kauai, Hawaii $4,790,000

Assets Managed

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