Affordable. Sensible. Sound.

This is a luxury vacation home partnership where you, along with a small group of like-minded investors, own debt-free this extraordinary $6,750,000 property, with each investor only paying their share of the ownership costs.

Lifestyle Asset Group has formed a Limited Liability Company called Lifestyle Bali Hale Maui, LLC which is the entity acquiring the home. The LLC is releasing only 48 LLC Units.

Choose the investment level and number of weeks use per year that is right for you and your family.

  • One-time Capital Contribution is $155,500 per LLC unit
  • Pro-rated Annual Fees* = $4,400 per unit/week

Investment Options:

  • 8.33% equity: $622,000 one-time capital contribution, $17,600 annual fees, 4 weeks of use annually plus free space available
  • 12.5% equity: $933,000 one-time capital contribution, $26,400 annual fees, 6 weeks of use annually plus free space available
  • 16.66% equity: $1,244,000 one-time capital contribution, $35,200 annual fees, 8 weeks of use annually plus free space available

Cost per night in this model — only $628/night (annual fees/nights of use)

The Partnership Model

Smart & Sensible

  • Limited Liability Company is created to buy the property
  • A limited number of investors are admitted into the LLC
  • Each investor’s capital is 100% secured by the property, paid for free and clear
  • Ownership costs and usage are shared
  • Voting and shareholder control
  • Zero-hassle ownership and personal concierge services
  • Defined 8-year exit strategy with no resale hassles
  • Owners participate in any upside when the property is sold

    “As frequent renters of vacation homes, we felt like this was a great way to get into the ownership of a luxury property without the hassles. Purchasing a well-located luxury home debt-free was appealing to us, as is sharing ownership expenses with our co-investors.”

    -Mike and Susan, Nashville, TN

    The Exit Strategy

    Delivering Peace of Mind

    The exit strategy was developed by Lifestyle Asset Group to ensure owners have a genuine investment opportunity. The term of the LLC is up to 8 years, a length that mirrors the holding period of vacation homes in general. At the end of the term, the residence is sold by Lifestyle Asset Group on behalf of the LLC at its highest possible value.

    Each owner’s capital contribution is first returned in full, and 85% of property appreciation is then shared equally.

    Owners may vote to extend the term via a supermajority vote.

    Each LLC member will also be given first right of refusal to acquire the home before it is listed for sale. Lifestyle Asset Group earns 15% of the property’s net gains as compensation.

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