Concierge and Travel Services

Love Your Home

Without Lifting a Finger

With thousands of investors’ reservations managed by our team each year, we understand the logistics of destination travel, and it shows. Our travel planners and local hosts know what it takes to make your travel hassle-free and your experiences as perfect as they can be.

Owner concierge services include pre-arrival grocery shopping and trip planning with a detailed trip planning guide. Please see a sample planning guide created for our Seabrook Island, SC property below.

The Reservation System

Ultimate Fairness & Flexibility

The Rotating Priority System

Our occupancy modeling and reservation policies are tested, proven, simple, and fair. We operate the LLC at 92% occupancy and 8% vacancy to create room for reciprocity access between LLCs.

Priority Reservation Protocol

Lifestyle Asset Group’s rotating priority reservation system (PRP) allows partners to plan their vacations with as little or as much advance notice as they choose. You can sponsor unaccompanied guests, giving you the flexibility to send family and friends on amazing vacations, use them as a reward for a high-performing employee, or as a donation to your favorite charity.

Reservations are made two ways:

  • Each partner is assigned a number 1-6, or 1-8, depending on the number of partners and when they first commit to the project. Once assigned a number, the partners will first choose one reservation in the ensuing 12-month calendar in an order from shareholder #1 through #6, then a second reservation in an order of #6 to #1. The order of 1 through 6 and 6 through 1 changes each year with partner 2 advancing to 1 in the second year of the PRP and partner 1 moving to 6 in year two. By rotating the order in the selection process under the PRP, all partners will have years of holding position #1, #2, etc.
  • The second reservation protocol is the application of the shareholder’s remaining allocation of weeks following the PRP when each shareholder can evaluate their own timelines and schedules in applying their remaining weeks in their account for additional dates that are attractive to them. There is no formal structure to these reservations and they are all first come-first serve; last minute or well planned.

There will be periods during the year when the property will be unreserved and available and shareholders are welcome to reserve the home on short notice without deducting from their allocated weeks. Accordingly, whenever the villa is available and unreserved fourteen (14) days hence, this opportunity for a short notice reservation shall be deemed “Space Available”.

The World at your Fingertips

Elite Alliance®

$5,000 Membership Fee is paid

Your investment is also your key to scores of the world’s most luxurious and prestigious destinations through a partnership Lifestyle Asset Group has with Elite Alliance®. Elite Alliance® offers a travel portfolio of more than 163 residences, all managed by many of the most respected luxury resort names including Auberge, The Four Seasons, The Christie Club, and many more.

Though not open to the general public, as a shareholder you are granted membership in Elite Alliance® for the full term of your LLC, with the $5,000 membership fee paid for complementary of Lifestyle Asset Group.

Elite Alliance® Destinations

Traveling to one of the properties offered by Elite Alliance® is as simple and seamless as traveling to your vacation home. Choose your destination on the Elite Alliance® website and reserve your travel through us using your travel points.

For those who desire equity ownership in a prime real estate investment, and virtually unlimited travel adventures in the most coveted destinations, your wish has come true.


Bermuda Costa Rica
Grand Cayman The Bahamas
Kona, HI Maui, HI
Riviera Maya, MX Cabo San Lucas, MX


Bariloche, Argentina Aspen, CO
Park City, UT Beaver Creek, CO
Telluride, CO Deer Valley, UT
Jackson Hole, WY Asheville, NC


Cap Cana, DR Kauai, HI
La Quinta, CA Palm Springs, CA
Palmetto Bluff, SC Pinehurst, NC
Scottsdale, AZ Sea Island, GA


Bocas Del Toro, Panama Chicago, IL
Florence, Italy Las Vegas, NV
London, UK New York City, NY
San Francisco, CA Sonoma County, CA

Lifestyle Asset Group

Visit our sister properties at no extra cost

In addition to Elite Alliance, where you can exchange any of your LLC reservations for trips to their portfolio of homes, you can also exchange for stays in any of the sister Lifestyle Asset Group properties, all facilitated by our reservations team for seamless exchanges at no extra cost to you. You simply trade a reservation for a reservation.

Lifestyle Asset Group Destinations:

  • Seabrook Island, SC
  • St. John, USVI
  • New York City, NY
  • Watercolor, FL
  • Watercolor 2, FL
  • Kauai, HI